Embracing Your Body Type- the problem is not with you!

As a career woman, nothing can be more upsetting than not finding what to wear to work, within the shortest time possible. What more, it’s been proven that a significant part of a woman’s self image and confidence is influenced by wearing clothes that fit her. Hence, a wise professional would invest in easy to style dresses and separates that fit and flatter her figure, while suiting the occasion.

A lady should understand her body type, and should willingly and creatively ensure that her wardrobe is a perfect ensemble of timeless and effortless pieces, that are relevant and practical.


The problem especially with African women has been that the traditional fashion labels have not been thinking of us and our unique bodies. Hence, we face the problem of getting fashionable outfits that fit. Often, it’s a compromise between the two. When we find those clothes, we typically need to have an adjustment tailor fit it into our actual sizes. We know that, we feel your pain and that’s why we decided to solve the problem!

At Karen Ubani Apparel, we have a huge assortment of various work wear and outing pieces, to help you exude elegance and confidence, while focusing on your official tasks. Our clothes are designed with you- the African woman and your unique body in mind. We take our time to understand the African woman’s body and her fashion tastes. We invest our time to achieve this, because we believe, that the KUA woman is at her best, and is her prettiest, when she embraces her unique self! The problem has never been with us or our bodies…it’s been with ‘them’ who just didn’t know how to design clothes to fit us. So, get your head up high, embrace your body, your curves- get clothes that flatter you and go be the best you can be!


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