How To Switch Jobs

There is nothing more exhausting like pretending to enjoy your job, when in the real sense, it bores the hell out of you.

Having worked in corporate Nigeria myself,more importantly, in Lagos(It is a major financial center and would be the fifth largest economy in Africa, if it were a country) I sure can tell that nothing beats working in an industry and job that you are passionate about.

Now that you have decided to be true to yourself by acknowledging that you are ready for a career change,I will share my checklist on steps you can take to successfully switch jobs without burning bridges.

1. Grab a notepad and write out in explicit terms,the major reason why you think you want to switch jobs.Read your write up and ascertain if this is a good enough reason to switch, or if this decision is premature

2. If you have done (1) above and still feel the need to switch jobs, make a list of the kind of roles you would like to switch to,and start internet hunting for roles of interest

3. Ensure that your job search doesn’t affect your productivity at your current place of employment.

4.Carry your boss along(this may sound icky,but its important not to burn bridges as we go higher in life) except if of course you have toxic boss.

5.Prepare for your interviews in advance

6.Ace the interviews

7.Get the contacts of your old colleagues and keep in touch

8.Prepare and settle into your new role!

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Karen Ubani