Women In The Workplace: A focus on Nigeria

  1. A Focus On Our Future Women

Building an early culture of personal development in young girls will greatly increase their chances of getting into corporate leadership after graduation. According to one of the leading job search companies in Nigeria, one of the leading causes of millennials getting turned down for jobs is that a good chunk of them do not know the nitty gritties of how to well position themselves for employment or promotions both at entry level and at senior associate level. A recent study also shows that the workplace in Nigeria has witnessed a slow but steady growth of women joining top positions in the last 10 years. This suggests that a massive opportunity awaits us as a nation to increase this pace if strategic decisions are done early enough to facilitate more women joining this group. A possible solution to this? Building a culture of constant personal development in our young women. This must be engrained in the heart of young women at an early age. Corporate bodies, government, individuals, and of course Non profit Organisations can help fuel this by investing more into our young women in the area of skills acquisition and exposure to the importance and art of continuous personal development. This will help bridge the gap that currently exists in the ratio of women in leadership positions across diverse industries in Nigeria. It will also further strengthen the influence that this young women will have in their communities and help in curbing unemployment as they become more enlightened on how to intentionally add value to the marketplace.

Written by Karen Ubani

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